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the Glistening Effect

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Painting the Heavens

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Melodies Of Ancient Beats Depth or Deep, (with Dep also meaning beautiful in Indonesian) is the meaning of this newly created persona from the artist DemoDc. After many years of experimenting with music making, releasing digital eps and albums, Demo has come to an end of a cycle arriving to a mature state of craftsmanship, ready to deliver his dream onto the vinyl medium.

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The Glistening Effect is a tribute to the classic acid electro style yet presenting it in more of a story mode formula, giving the listener its own micro journey. For listeners who know their stuff they will instantly hear strong influences from the 90’s techno/electro era.  A track that respects its roots yet looks forward to seeking new and fresh ways to express this strong flavour of sound.  A track that elevates itself from beginning to end.

Painting the Heavens is a track that’s describing the reflective nature of what’s beyond the human understanding.  The artwork presented with the MOAB DEP series depicts worlds beyond our imagination, so do the sound scapes presented with this series.  Painting the heavens expresses itself through abstract constructs that suggest that what we think we understand as normal, is completely inverted, leaving the idea of normal being the true ‘WEIRD’. It questions the formal understanding of what’s known to be the correct scale in music theory pushing the boundaries with unconventional perspectives…questioning reality as a mere illusion that exists within this distorted earth matrix.  Due to our human experience only perceiving a certain bandwidth of understanding, when compared to the un-limited possibilities out there in the stars and beyond…. Its fair to ask…..What is reality?

Artwork supplied by Gene Cundith.You can follow/contact Gene and his amazing creative gifts here, Instagram: @kaio_ki,


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