Meiosistosis Ep Pt 4


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A1 – Stargate Express (Original Mix) 

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


A2 – Stargate Express (JXTPS mix)

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


A3  Stargate Express (Deep Seeker Mix)

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B1 – Cyclonic Eye (Original Mix)

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Meisosistosis Ep Pt 4

After the epic journeys of Pt 3 comes Pt 4. Embark on a sonic odyssey in Pt 4. With childlike wonder, we dive into the uncharted, uncovering hidden beauty at every turn. This EP is a fearless exploration, a joyful dance through the mysteries of the unknown. Get ready to discover and be enchanted.

The music and records/releases that come out from Heart Heart Records/Hear The Art records is non linear active. Meaning its based on a cyclic spiral perceived awareness, hence theres no specific order per release.

A1 – Stargate Express (Original Mix)

Prepare for an inter-dimensional voyage with Stargate Express! Synth-fuelled innovation meets timeless piano and bell melodies, propelling us into uncharted realms. It’s a sonic fusion that ignites the imagination and transports you beyond the stars.

Embark on a musical journey through inner and outer realms. With captivating pit stops and intricate soundscapes, this design takes you on a voyage of self-discovery. From the depths of introspection to the vast expanses of the world, each moment is a destination waiting to be explored. Get lost in the music that unveils the hidden wonders within and without.

A2 – Stargate Express (JXTPS Mix)

Permit me to regale you with an account of the illustrious JXTPS, an enigmatic minimalist of exceptional repute. Within the realm of sound, this distinguished artist has crafted a distinct style and groove that has garnered widespread acclaim. With great finesse, JXTPS undertakes the task of reimagining the original composition, infusing it with an air of intrigue that only the artist himself can conjure.

Rejoice as you bear witness to the consummate artistry of JXTPS, a maestro of the minimalist domain.

B1 – Stargate Express (Deep Seeker Mix)

As the perfect track to kickstart a mix, it sets the intentions for delving deep into the musical journey. Its versatility allows the DJ to dictate the direction, offering a limitless palette to paint sonic landscapes that resonate with the avid listener. With skilled hands on the turntables, the DJ becomes the maestro, orchestrating an immersive experience that sparks intrigue and moves the soul.

B2 – Cyclonic Eye (Original Mix)

“Cyclonic Eye” an electro piece plucked from the depths of the 90s, resurfaces with a renewed vitality, intertwining the nostalgia of yesteryears with the pulsating energies of today. This resplendent composition serves as a triumphant testament to personal victories, symbolising the resilience and strength we embody as we navigate the tempestuous storms that punctuate our life’s journey.

Within its sonic tapestry, echoes of bygone eras coalesce with contemporary verve, creating a harmonious fusion that transcends time. It serves as a celebratory anthem, honouring the profound accomplishments achieved amidst the tumultuous chapters of our lives.

As the rhythm unfolds, it becomes a source of inspiration, igniting a fiery determination within, compelling us to forge ahead despite the challenges that lie in our path. “Cyclonic Eye” encapsulates the unwavering spirit that propels us forward, reminding us of our capacity to overcome adversity and emerge stronger from the tempestuous trials that beset us.

Prepare to be swept away by the intoxicating melodies and pulsating beats, as they guide you on a voyage through the annals of time, intertwining the past and present. Let the electrifying energy of this resurfaced gem infuse your being, celebrating the personal victories that shape the tapestry of our existence.


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