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A1 – Earth Meiosistosis Spectacular (Original Mix)

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


A2 – the D’Mo Mo Funk 

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


B1 – Earth Meiosistosis Spectacular One Tribe mix

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One Tribe – FeatherStone Remix

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Meiosistosis is a unique and creative descriptive understanding created by DemoDc taken from the science terminology of Mitosis – a splitting of one cell to create 2 identical cells and Meiosis – a splitting of 1 cell to create 4 very unique cells. Combining these 2 findings to create its own unique expression of what Demo feels earth herself is potentially going through in what most humans refer to as ‘crazy mad’ times. Call me mad or crazy yet my artistic take on all this madness of change, coming from a more spiritual aware perspective, I feel its very possible and plausible that earth herself is shifting from an energetical vibrational frequency resonance, shifting from a lower to a higher frequency  that has souls who inhabit at this present time on Earth,  have choices made available to either shift to these higher frequencies of perception or to chose to remain in the lower frequencies of perception, says Demo when explaining the meaning of the titles chosen for his brand new releases. Hence, from this perspective it would give more purpose and meaning with the Earth splitting itself from 1 earth into 2 with the merging of it being identical and unique all at once. True or not, through creative expression can we all individually make sense in our own rights which then gives more power to the understanding of what co-creating with any greater power outside of ourselves, is.  Each track holds its own unique expression to what has been described here and of course gives each listener a chance to give meaning to what is embraced in their own connection made when absorbed in the creations these ep’s offer.


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From Pt 1 follows Pt 2, entering into the deeper aspects of what it means to be experiencing this here and now in current times.

The music and records/releases that come out from Heart Heart Records/Hear The Art records is non linear active. Meaning its based on a cyclic spiral perceived awareness, hence theres no specific order per release.

A1 – Earth Meiosisitosis Spectacular (Original Mix)

Is a celebration of this awareness, paying tributes to the unknown yet awarding the brave and just for forming ones own connection to ones own reality, forging ones own path.

A2 – D’Mo Mo’s Funk (Original Mix)

Treasuring each individuals own funky walk married in talk honouring the self in complete union, illuminating the darkness from ones own inner light, shedding any outgrown skin that battles to keep itself in tact.
A throwback to the 90’s Electro style with fresh modern day takes. A very catchy start to see the track gradually find its way to the main flavours of what this expression has to offer. A great little number to pep up any beats set whilst providing depth in provocation in swing with the booty action.

B1 – Earth Meiosistosis Spectacular (One Tribe Mix)

Exploring the tribal roots to uncover the heart from within, questing to unite a separated union of a once whole collective. Activating the warrior from within, seeking reconnection to the sovereign soul.

B2 – Earth Meiosistosis Spectacular – One Tribe Mix – (Featherstone Remix)

From a well respected new label owner, Ernest’s Way and growing talent, Heart Heart Records is very happy to include Featherstone amongst the list of guests coming aboard, gifting this release with a beautiful stripped back rendition of One tribe mix, focusing on the core grooves, colouring it with fresh acid line hooks and auric soothing, rendering it a perfect blend of techno breaks with house like overtones making this remix a great and fresh listen. Another winner from the healing vibrations of the Featherstone 🙂

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