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A1 – Everything Eye Love

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B1 – Heart Tribal

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Melodies Of Ancient Beats Depth or Deep, (with Dep also meaning beautiful in iIndonesian) is the meaning of this newly created persona from the artist DemoDc. After many years of experimenting with music making, releasing digital eps and albums, Demo has come to an end of a cycle arriving to a mature state of craftsmanship, ready to deliver his dream onto the vinyl medium.


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This is the 2nd ep that continues a volume of a 5 ep project. 

Everything Eye Love is a piece of electronic music that embodies much of what I personally love when it comes to innovative techno. Broken beats with a gentle gallop of hop, whisking away into what seemingly can be taken is over melodic madness at 1st, yet when letting go of any expectation, a delightful swim of glistening magic dances with dedicated playfulness expressing a deeper emotion of heart felt delivery. Behind the scenes are a very reminiscent display of Detroit techno chords combining to give the track the old yet new skool vibe.

Heart Tribal is exactly that. Cutting through the ego, battling the darkness with dark undertones seeking to find the jewel of light through the denseness of dark reality, to find true centre. With tribal reflections and electric ground of beats, Heart Tribal extends itself into bridging the soul from dense reality to light. It also pays respects to the fact that when finding clarity in any given moment in everyday life, it doesn’t last long within this complex world of manipulation and dark intention that we seem to be living in. However, this is the meaning understood by MOAB DEP, does it resonate with you? Or does it speak to you entirely differently?

Artwork supplied by Gene Cundith. You can follow/contact Gene and his amazing creative gifts here @kaicundithart@gmail.com, Instagram: @kaio_ki, Facebook.com/genecundithart


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