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A1 – As Above So Below (Original Mix) 

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


A2 – As above So below (Dubber Ruck mix)

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


B1  Gut Feeling (Original Mix)

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


B2 – Protectors of the faith (Original Mix)

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


Bonus Track – Moonshifter (Original Mix)

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


After completing the Meiosistosis Series, this DemoDc ep reflects the more common, familiar and more stripped back sounds often found in the Techno House realm of music, with of course the DemoDc spin 🙂




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The music @ Heartheartrecords is non linear. It’s based on a cyclic spiral perceived awareness, hence theres no specific order per release that it must adhere to.

A1 – As Above So Below (Original Mix)

As the title implies, the very common phrase that offers a multitude of perspectives of what the meaning can capsulate.

A great 4/4 techno house flavour, with juicy synth flavours and an ommfy sub bass to drive the track through a very scenic tour of what the music offers.

A2 – As ABove SO Below (Dubber Ruck Mix)

A more of a back seat take on the original, taking a nod to the common groves from the 90’s Techno House sound, with warm textured piano hooks and dub stab companion to carry the signature of the track to some calm and relaxed vibes that techno house music can give.

B1 -Gut Feeling (Original Mix)

A track filled with some cheeky attitude types of melodic play and bass rhythms, exploring the mind scape of being, paying attributes to having that gut feeling in life and what it is to explore it and ultimately, trust it.

B2 – Protectors Of The Faith (Original Mix)

A very cheerful and childlike track. Capturing a lot of the purity and innocence of the child combined with the wisdom and founded grounds of a mature warrior adult.

Anyone who loves Underground Resistance music can hear the love produced here with such inspirations from the legendary label. Lots of fun can be found when jumping into the audio sonic garden of sounds being presented in this track.

Bonus Track – Moonshifter (Original Mix)

DemoDc’s Moonshifter is a very sensual and deep minimal esk type techno track, submerging the listener into warm quirky depths funker-sizing itself onto any dance floor arena.

Also Appearing on label NTD’s Southern Series 002 (

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Full Ep Mp3 (320), Full Ep Wav (44/16)


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