The Great Awakening Ep


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A1 – Zeitgeist (Original Mix) – DemoDc

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


A2 – You’ve Always Known (Original Mix) – DemoDc
$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


B1 – John Pineal’s Solar Flash Magnifica (Original Mix) – MOAB DEP

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


B2 – Awareness is key (Original Mix) – MOAB DEP
$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


A collection of individual tracks covering different aspects of the Electronica/Electro/Techno genre, expressing a rawness of self identity taken from past musical influences that can be recognised by any true electronic music enthusiast.



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The Great Reset or The Great Awakening? You choose!

A1 – ZeitgeistĀ  (Orignal Mix)

The general beliefs, ideas, and spirit of a time and place.

This track isn’t for the faint hearted as it explores the madness of todays attempt to rule the minds of the Earth Realm. With its rapid walkthrough delivering layers of explored depths to what it means to battle forces from within and out.

Offering a piece of heart, mind and soul, as to connect in depth, to overcome any tyrannical force that wish to own you. To resist and hold the line of heart, mind and soul’s intent and delivery of self worth.

Many can argue this track could be cut into 3-4 different tracks.. and yes it can.. However, with todays technology, any digital Dj can do this, which gives it space to open up creativity for each artist who wishes to do so.

Like with all tracks that occupy the Hear The Art catalogue, the music here isn’t about fitting into genres solely for mixing. Story telling is the meaning and purpose created to extend in documenting the world events in the zeitgeist of now.

A2 – You’ve Always Known (Original Mix)

A very uplifting Techno/House number with a truth of realism displaying the many complexities of what being happy and sad all at once can feel like, mixed in the tones of the main melodic dance, with a hint of detuned flavour, giving this track a unique characteristic to reward it with its own personal distinction. Along with an accompanying bass warmth that carries the track all the way through meeting the 2nd chapter with an octave lift to bring the track and story home with a very energetic drive.

B1 – John Pineals Solar Flash Magnifica (Original Mix)

Is an expression created for the purposes of gaining in innerstanding of times reflected in a difficult age lending itself to a spiritually aware type perspective.

An eclectic assortium of arranged beats all made from hand playing on the macbook keyboard mixed with layering of effects supplied by the daw and hours of critiquing, this unique ensemble gives nod to the era of Warp records with artists like Aphex Twin and others alike. Yesterdays sounds with todays vibes.

B2 – Awareness Is Key (Original Mix)

With a jazz type interpretation of beats, not so much in style yet in direction, this track explores the abstract concept of track formula, laced with a common theme of familiarity. What can sound complicated at 1st, after connecting with the track, whats perceived as mysterious, becomes known, just as life can demonstrate after true worn experience.

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