Zeitgeist – Wav





This track isn’t for the faint hearted as it explores the madness of todays attempt to rule the minds of the Earth Realm. With its rapid walkthrough delivering layers of explored depths to what it means to battle forces from within and out.

Offering a piece of heart, mind and soul, as to connect in depth, to overcome any tyrannical force that wish to own you. To resist and hold the line of heart, mind and soul’s intent and delivery of self worth.

Many can argue this track could be cut into 3-4 different tracks.. and yes it can.. However, with todays technology, any digital Dj can do this, which gives it space to open up creativity for each artist who wishes to do so.

Like with all tracks that occupy the Hear The Art catalogue, the music here isn’t about fitting into genres solely for mixing. Story telling is the meaning and purpose created to extend in documenting the world events in the zeitgeist of now.

The Great Awakening Ep, released March 1, 2022
Mastered by Mattias Fridell @ Plugin Music.


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