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A1 – When the world sleeps – Nap is over mix – Ghost N the Wai

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B1 – Between Worlds – the Wai

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B2 – When the world sleeps  – the Wai

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Completing the 5 ep series and project is the release Between Worlds by the Wai. Hearttheartrecords presents Dangirl and Demo DC who with their combined talents form Ghost N the Wai bring a fresh take on the electronic music scene.  Dangirl’s musical mastery of keyboard melodies and composition and Demo’s unconventional wizardry of electronic sounds and drumming creates an alchemy of aural delight.   

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Nap is Over mix is a collaboration of the Wai aka Dangirl and Ghost Foreigner aka DemoDc which when the two unite, form Ghost N the Wai. This track manifested when the Wai asked for Ghost’s feedback on her ambient piece When the world sleeps. After a day of Ghost having it in his grasp, Nap is Over was born effortlessly, giving insight into the power that simmers beneath the surface of these two aspiring artists. The Wai, with her deep, still, meditative grace brings contemplative composition along with Ghost bringing organic yet organised chaotic experimental beats. Nap is over questions reality as it stands, giving the listener the opportunity to ponder their own existence …. the world no longer sleeps … the Nap is Over.

The Wai (Aka Dangirl) begins this magical experience with her Debut track Between worlds, a celebration of life, a sparkling tribute to all that exists.With a combination of orchestral magic, arpeggiated droplets and deep groovy bass lines, we are taken on an immensely beautiful journey through the cosmos dancing with the intricate layers of the emotional spectrum and rejoicing at what it is to be a living being in the multiverse.Finding beauty and sacredness in even the most testing moments as we are cushioned by an unrelenting and loving consciousness.  Some mind made limitations were overcome in the writing of this and as a result caused a significant shift in Dangirl as an artist, hence the effect of this track may be deeply healing.By exploring the pure deliciousness of arpeggiation and marimba sounds The Wai discovered her own unique style of electronica.

When the World Sleeps, is an ambient fairy tale of a little girl who ventures out under the starry night sky and is filled with a sense of peace and wonder as the rest of the world wind down to sleep.  Big sister to Between Worlds, The Wai’s first electronic baby was the original inspiration for Ghost ‘N’ the Wai starting a whole new venture for Demo Dc and Dangirl. This piece is the tale of a girl who travels to places of unimaginable beauty, exploring the vast cosmos with her star friends.  The healing energy of pure childish joy permeates the universe and balances all in existence.  As dawn approaches she returns to bed and earth’s inhabitants start their routines like a production line.Reminiscent of the Indonesian gamelan (one of Dangirl’s lifetime musical inspirations) we are taken on a meditative journey, with haunting bells and dreamy frequencies revealing unfamiliar worlds but maintaining a sense of peaceful slumber.Resting in the womb. Our home.




Artwork supplied by Gene Cundith. You can follow/contact Gene and his amazing creative gifts here, Instagram: @kaio_ki,



Additional Artwork for Ghost N the Wai created by the talented Bianca Melissa Jayne.


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