When the world sleeps – Wav


When the World Sleeps, is an ambient fairy tale of a little girl who ventures out under the starry night sky and is filled with a sense of peace and wonder as the rest of the world wind down to sleep. Big sister to Between Worlds, The Wai’s first electronic baby was the original inspiration for Ghost ‘N’ the Wai starting a whole new venture for Demo Dc and Dangirl. This piece is the tale of a girl who travels to places of unimaginable beauty, exploring the vast cosmos with her star friends. The healing energy of pure childish joy permeates the universe and balances
all in existence. As dawn approaches she returns to bed and earth’s inhabitants start their routines like a production line. Reminiscent of the Indonesian gamelan (one of Dangirl’s lifetime musical inspirations) we are taken on a meditative journey, with haunting bells and dreamy frequencies revealing unfamiliar worlds but maintaining a sense of peaceful slumber. Resting in the womb. Our home.




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