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Today’s special is a track held close to heart, made back in 2007 after a skiing incident left MOAB DEP immobilised for 2 weeks. Whilst having travelled to NZ Queenstown for the trip, it dawned on the wounded artist to make sense elsewhere with his time, using it to create a very special track, of course unknowingly at the time. Returning home to Adelaide it quickly become a favourite for many underground artists yet the track has never really been given a chance to shine, to be heard…. not until now 13 years later, 2020.

All made on his laptop, no midi used ( which is to be said mostly with all tracks created at heartheartrecords studios), Today’s Special has a certain energy and vibe that immediately calls for the listener to pay attention. From its moody beginnings with lush rhodes keys, glitch ambient sounds, followed by the groovy-type horn sounding hook, whisking the listener away into a sunsetting type mood elevating itself onto new ground each step of the way. With some subtle bass movements and emotive chord progression, we arrive at a very warm heartfelt dance track that can only leave any dedicated listener and lover of common deep house music, with a tingling effervescence of radiant glow and smiles.
Today’s Special proves to be its own cult hit within the archives of tracks made in the heartheartrecords realm. Today’s special celebrates the meaning of ‘NOW’ the present moment. To be grateful and aware.

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