Meiosistosis Ep Pt 3


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A1 – Future Past (Original Mix)

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A2 – Future Past (Groov Mekanik Mix)

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B1 – I Love Techno (DemoDc/Groov Mekanik Mix)

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B2 – Running Out Of Time (Original Mix)

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Meiosistosis is a unique and creative descriptive understanding created by DemoDc taken from the science terminology of Mitosis – a splitting of one cell to create 2 identical cells and Meiosis – a splitting of 1 cell to create 4 very unique cells. Combining these 2 findings to create its own unique expression of what Demo feels earth herself is potentially going through in what most humans refer to as ‘crazy mad’ times. Call me mad or crazy yet my artistic take on all this madness of change, coming from a more spiritual aware perspective, I feel its very possible and plausible that earth herself is shifting from an energetical vibrational frequency resonance, shifting from a lower to a higher frequency  that has souls who inhabit at this present time on Earth,  have choices made available to either shift to these higher frequencies of perception or to chose to remain in the lower frequencies of perception, says Demo when explaining the meaning of the titles chosen for his brand new releases. Hence, from this perspective it would give more purpose and meaning with the Earth splitting itself from 1 earth into 2 with the merging of it being identical and unique all at once. True or not, through creative expression can we all individually make sense in our own rights which then gives more power to the understanding of what co-creating with any greater power outside of ourselves, is.  Each track holds its own unique expression to what has been described here and of course gives each listener a chance to give meaning to what is embraced in their own connection made when absorbed in the creations these ep’s offer.


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Here we are at Pt 3 of this epic journey. Things are getting serious yet remaining explorative. Get ready for some larger than life tracks.

The music and records/releases that come out from Heart Heart Records/Hear The Art records is non linear active. Meaning its based on a cyclic spiral perceived awareness, hence theres no specific order per release.

A1 – Future Past identifies what was, to what is, to what may be. A track that colours its own flavours of what techno is and can be, texturising in minimal techno layered with house like elements, taking the listener on a very joyous adventure leading into emotive acid type synth lines later on in the journey.

A2 – Heart Heart records is very happy to welcome close brother/friend and fellow techno enthusiast Groov Mekanik on board with his take on Future Past. This remix is a beast, mutating the very kool, calm, quirky and happy go lucky caricature of the original. This remix does well to take the origins of the original to deeper and darker places that will cause a major stir in any techno Dj’s set. A cause for celebration and high praise indeed.

B1 – Originally made by DemoDc, Groov Mekanik jumped on board to give this electro groover some extra juice with his technical expertise.
Celebrating the roots of the 90’s electro era, I Love Techno is a track giving thanks to those who have helped make the Techno and Electro genre what it is and what is still to become. A big electro stomper that will put a smile on any lover of the genres we know and love today.

B2 –

A personal favourite, this track wont be for everyone. Defined by the 90’s era, the journey of this track is a reminder to do the inner work. Of course each of us has our own connection to what our perceived reality is and what it means, yet the message in this track is to dig deep and do the work as to create ones own inner peace and joy. No one else has the power to do it for you. We all only have a certain amount of time.

The deeper meaning of this track is to do with the ascension process.

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