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A1 – Machine Men (Freedom Generator Mix)

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A2 – Fools Of The Wise (Original Mix)

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A3 – Shifting Gears (Age Of Electro Mix)

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B1 – Machine Men (Message In A Bottle Mix)

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Entity Unknown

Created by the enigmatic artist Entity Unknown, serves as a sonic exploration of the hidden and the true, inviting listeners to embark on a thought-provoking adventure.

A1 – Machine Men (Freedom Generator Mix)

This track opens with a subtle yet ominous atmosphere, setting the stage for the sampled dialogue from Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator.” As Chaplin’s poignant words echo through the track.

A simple yet emotive synth pattern emerges, creating an intricate sonic landscape that evolves alongside Chaplin’s speech. The synths move dynamically, rising and falling in subtle chord stabs, adding bristling layers of tension and emotion to the track.

Throughout the journey, the track progresses through three distinct parts, each one building upon the last. In the first part, the mood is hopeful and introspective, reflecting the hope for humanity conveyed in Chaplin’s words. As the track progresses, the track strips back welcoming a very tasty synth layered voice train that locks in the groove, becoming hypnotic and progressive, providing an enthusiastic energy that carries the listener with positive ooze.

The pounding kick drum remains constant, driving the listener forward through the transitions of its parts, arriving to the 3rd section of the track, colouring the darker shades of humanities imprisonment created by its own ignorance and denials by the use of the ‘Machine Men’. It’s a seductive force, pulling you deeper into┬áthe hypnotic groove of the music.

Overall, the track is a powerful fusion of techno rhythms and emotive storytelling, capturing the essence of Chaplin’s heartwarming speech while delivering an unforgettable dance floor experience.

A2 – Fools Of The Wise (Original Mix)

“Fools Of The Wise” serves as a sonic allegory, urging listeners to reconsider what they think they know and embrace the beauty of uncertainty, suggesting that wisdom evolves from folly. The track features a strong 90’s aesthetic with gritty and tasteful distorted beats, a warm and fruity bass melody that captures the essence of soulful expression, and a catchy, moody synth melody that makes this track a heartfelt listen.

B1 – Shifting Gears (Age Of Electro Mix)

“Shifting Gears (Age Of Electro Mix)” is a dynamic and energising entry that propels the album into a new dimension of Electro music design. The track introduces a fusion of electronic elements with a nod to the futuristic soundscapes of the age of electro. The beats are pulsating, driving the listener forward through an electrifying sonic landscape.

B2 – Machine Men (Message In A Bottle Mix)

Concluding this fine collection of unique flavours of sound, is the ‘Message In A Bottle’ mix, the first rendition of this captivating techno track. Here, Charley Chaplin’s timeless speech from ‘The Great Dictator’ is artfully woven into the fabric of the music. Through the epic voice of the 303 synthesiser, the seriousness of the turbulent times humanity finds itself navigating is amplified.

As Chaplin’s poignant words echo through the mix, the 303 takes center stage, delivering a commanding performance that underscores the gravity of unchecked greed and power. Its distinctive tones cut through the sonic landscape with precision, serving as a powerful reminder of the consequences of such unchecked forces.

Layered synths, carefully crafted to complement Chaplin’s speech, add depth and texture to the arrangement. They ebb and flow, mirroring the emotional journey depicted in the speech, from introspective contemplation to fervent resolve.

Amidst the relentless pulse of the more refined kick drum, there’s an unmistakable urgency driving the rhythm forward. It’s a sonic representation of the tumultuous currents of our times, urging listeners to confront the realities of a world teetering on the brink of chaos.

In this ‘Message In A Bottle’ mix, the fusion of techno rhythms and emotive storytelling transcends mere entertainment, offering a poignant reflection on the human condition. It’s a call to action, a reminder to strive for a better future in the face of adversity.”

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