Azimuth’s Palace – Mp3 320




Azimuth’s Palace

Azimuth’s Palace is a techno piece that transcends the boundaries of sound, inviting listeners on a journey of celestial exploration. In its essence, it embodies the intricate dance between inner and outer realms, echoing the concept of azimuth as both a measure of celestial navigation and a metaphor for inner harmony. As the music guides you through sonic landscapes, you embark on a quest towards mastery, navigating the celestial spheres of your consciousness. Each section of composition serves as a compass, directing you towards the sacred geometry of self-realisation and balance. Within Azimuth’s Palace, the convergence of cosmic alignment and personal discovery creates a realm where perfected harmony reigns supreme—a sanctuary where the northern point of the horizon meets the southern, where the clockwise journey through 360° leads to the sacred nexus of the self. Welcome to Azimuth’s Palace, where the celestial and the terrestrial converge in perfect symmetry.


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