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A1 – Changing Of The Guard (Original Mix) 

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


A2 – Changing Of The Guard (Alexander Kowalski mix)

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


A3  Celestial Guardian (Original Mix)

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


B1 – DemoDc – The Last Groovebender (Original Mix)

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50


B2 – How Did I Forget Something To Remember (Original Mix)

$2.50 Wav or Mp3 $1.50





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Honestly expressing genuine and authentic self in every day life.

A1 – Changing Of The Guard (Original Mix)

Giving credit to outdated systems over going necessary shifts on all its levels of functions. Yet not all changes are for the positive. Vigilance and discernment are key tools to keep close in heart and mind with all shifts that occur.

The track offers a fresh breathe into Techno, crafted with broken Techno beats moving away from the common 4/4 beats structure, providing a solid foundation to carry on a familiar chord stabs sound design, often present in many techno tracks. Yet the freshness offered here is the tracks composition and movement. Giving more originality to an often over saturated sound choice as stated.

A2 – Changing Of The Guard Alexander Kowalski Mix

Welcoming this artist to the Heartheartrecords catalogue. A great little remix by the very well known and established Techno producer Alexander Kowalski.

Stripping the original all the way back to offer a more familiar and minimal feel and tone. Perfect track to insert into any Techno set for that minimal funk and depth only heard and felt when paying attention.

A3 – Celestial Guardian (Original Mix)

Depicting forces greater than our perceived awareness. Allowing the faith of the unknown and unseen take precedence in our ordinary and mundane innerstanding of what most general perceive life to be. Letting go and living in trust, to be brave and courageous, recognising our connection to creation itself.

Paying tribute to the Techno genre, a solid track fit for any Techno set, offering a solid depth in emotion and journey, not drifting too far as to make it a bitter taste for any Dj’s selection.

B1 – DemoDc – The Last Groovebender (Original Mix)

Many know of the Last Airbender no matter the age. DemoDc – The Last Groovebender is part of the unknown lost race who holds key balance in the 4 kingdoms that make up this realm of existence. The groove holds power like no other, without the ‘Groove” life remains colourless and empty, without any true purpose and meaning. May the Groove forever be protected and eternal.

A great little track to listen to or to be involved in any playlist as it colours a unique bass expression and tone that can easily hook on to any ear hole if given the chance.

B2 – How Did I Forget Something To Remember (Original Mix)

Is it if something that is truly meant to be = there is no such this as forgetting? Or is it the forgetting to remember is what is meant to be? As the title itself implies, the music offers a sombre depth and emotional ease that soothes one aural experience into a deep relaxed state of being, journeying and swimming through provocative themes and matching thoughts.

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