Everything Eye Love (Original Mix) – Mp3 320




Everything Eye Love (Original Mix)

From Lost Art Ep – Remastered, released June 28, 2022

Everything Eye Love is a piece of electronic music that embodies much of what I personally love when it comes to innovative techno. Broken beats with a gentle gallop of hop, whisking away into what seemingly can be taken is over melodic madness at 1st, yet when letting go of any expectation, a delightful swim of glistening magic dances with dedicated playfulness expressing a deeper emotion of heart felt delivery. Behind the scenes are a very reminiscent display of Detroit techno chords combining to give the track the old yet new skool vibe.

Lost Art was released in 2020, yet since it has been decided it needed to be redone. This version is the original version made from 2015, with the release in 2020, same changes had been made to the track. Reverting back to the original sees this track shine and fly as it was born to do.

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