Arrival – Mp3


Then comes Arrival. Not an ordinary piece of music, with the artist expressing themselves from past musical influences, to curve their own piece of storytelling art, through audio sonic means.

An inner world reflective explanation can be as follows – An epic piece revealing the adventures of seeking depth, from ones dense conscious reality, tribal like mannerisms, traveling to a higher frequency of light and wonder, breaking through to the heart centre of ones own unique truth. By doing so, welding together the whole aspects of being, Arriving at ones own true balance of self. Reuniting with the dense tribal like self yet with a complete transformative understanding of life and self in relation to life as a whole.

Ones outer world of reflective explanation can be this – starting from earth, leaving the tribal terrains of earth based reality, exploring out into the cosmic wilderness, looking back from a distance, witnessing Earths magnificence and enigmatic beauty. Continuing to swim out to the depths of the galaxy to ‘Arrive” at an unexpected splendour unknown to the human consciousness ,to a cosmic giant….. giant what? This remains to be unseen! It’s left to the imaginators discretion of wonder within the experience of the audio sonic delights presented in,….. ‘Arrival’.



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